Mr. Yogesh Nigam, Founder and Chairman along with Mrs. Sunita Nigam, Director, lighting the lamp at School’s Annual Functiion!!

About Ourselves

East international School's Junior Wing "Fun Valley" has been established with a motto to give a strong foundation to the child with the most modern educational techniques, which include audio visual aids, computer, games and books for the all-round personality development of the child.

With the blessings of Late Prof. P.N Nigam, who was the founder of Daisy Dales Sr. Sec. School, East of Kailash and Late Mrs. Sudershan Nigam, who was as well a philanthropist and an educationist, their son Mr. Yogesh Nigam, together with his wife Mrs. Sunita Nigam, established Junior wing of East International School in 2001.

Mr. and Mrs. Nigam have been playing a significant role in the field of education renaissance and mental and physical development of the students since last 40 years. They have devoted themselves to the field of education.

The management team at Fun Valley have visited several pre-schools and other educational institutions in the U.K., U.S., Canada , Australia, NewZealand and many other European and Asian countries to explore best practices in childcare and pre-school education.

We are highly focussed on using best teaching strategies that are tailored to the capabilities of each child to get the best out of them. This contribute towards enabling self -confidence, all round developoment, teamwork and leadership among the students.

"FUN VALLEY" has emerged one of the leading school in the area with the wonderful facilities for play school, Nursery and K.G. classes. Under the guidance of an excellent management team and dedicated staff, the school has been successful in laying down a strong foundation for children and possess a proven record of its students reaching higher levels in their respective careers.

Mrs. Sunita Nigam, Director of the school had been to New Zealand, Australia and The U.K and put in her valuable time to learn and experience the education system over there.

She has also been a primary -in-charge in a Sr. Sec. School in South Delhi for several years. Having specialization in early childhood education, enable her to pursue innovative learning and teaching strategies, which would contribute towards encouraging self -confidence, all round developoment, teamwork and leadership among the students.

"FUN VALLEY" A Pre School has emerged one of the leading school with the wonderful facilities of play school, Nursery and K.G. classes, under the guidance of Mr. Yogesh Nigam and Mrs. Sunita Nigam, who have studied, experienced and observed the international methods of teaching and learning.

Our Aim

Our aim is to lay a strong foundation for your little ones for them to build upon their confidence, communication and intellectual learning.

We strongly oppose discrimination and treat every child equally irrespective of their caste, creed, gender, family status, and/or learning/physical disabilities they might have in some cases.

We are totally committed to building a healthier future for your kids. We do so by giving them maximum chances as possible at Fun valley school to develop socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually. We believe in bringing out best abilities in the child.

Pleasant Envrionment

It's colourful, child friendly and cheerful, children learn just while playing and enjoying free from any kind of fear, tension or pressure.

A special mini Zoo has been created for the young ones to enjoy and play with the little animals.

The entire school has been divided into playing learning and activities zones like Art and craft, Music, Dance. The Ball-pool, Splash-pool, Skating rink, Doll-house, Sand-pit, Puppet zone, Mini auditorium, Computer center etc; For the all-round development of the child, the child learns everything by playing and enjoying.

Core Curriculum

The activity-based curriculum is being pursued at our school. A wide range of interesting activities inddor and outdoors bring confidence in the child and make an all-round development

East International School equipped the students for excelling in the World of Globalization. The children are given opportunities to know the latest happening in the world and around them.

The qualities of leadership, respect for elders, doing their own work by themselves, to know the traditions and culture of their own country is inculcated in them by teaching yoga and especially designed curriculum by the leading educagtionists. The curriculum focuses not just on excellence in academics but also in sports, music, dance and other extra co-curricular activities.

Our Curriculum

Computer Education

Our computer classes will fully prepare your child for today's technology environment.

Music Programs

At Fun Valley School, we understand how music is fundamental to early development. Our daily music classes are hosted by chairman Mr. Yogesh Nigam himself.

Dance Class

Our dance classes will give your child the chance to dance, gain confidence and shine, in a fun, caring and supportive environment.

Art and Craft Classes

We encourage students to use their sesnses to engage in our Art and Craft classes.

Sports Programs

We understand child development at nursery level and how critical sport can be to stimulate motor skills, cognition and social behaviours.

Personality Development

All the activities including stage presentation, participation in annual function helps in building all-round personaloty of the child.


Prabha Rawat

“Kudos to Fun Valley Team, Thank you all the Teachers, Management and Helping staff for taking such a good care of our kids.”

Hemant Khanna

"I love Fun Valley School as a parent and I am satisfied with the school and teachers. I recommend this school.”

Aanu Bhatia

“It's a great Kindergarten. Thanks to the entire staff of Fun Valley for you have done for Yug Bhatia.”

Jyoti Drolia

“Perfect school with the best infrastructure along with the learned teacher and caring members.”

Shaily Gupta

“It'a a great play school with very loving and caring teachers. They work for the overall development of kids. Kudos to the entire staff for giving such a fun filled and loving environment to my child. Would recommend to other parents as well.”

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A school of its own kind where learning is through fun.